Thursday, January 8, 2015

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors are possibly the most versatile piece of decor. These tips and tricks will have you thinking about where you can add mirrors in your home!

For rooms with few or no windows, a mirror makes the perfect sub.

Photo Courtesy of Lifestyle in Blog

And no the mirror doesn't have to look like a window to give this effect. Consider a square room with only one window. By placing a mirror on the adjacent wall you can create the illusion of an extra window. This trick is all about light - windows let light in and mirrors reflect other light sources.

For dark and dim spaces, add a mirror behind a lamp or near a light source for added glow.

Photo Courtesy of Milk and Honey Home

Photo Courtesy of BuildDirect Blog

For small spaces a mirror can instantly create the illusion that the room is larger than it actually is. Mirrors reflect the lines opposite of them, so perfectly placed mirrors create the effect that a room continues on. 

Photo Courtesy of Inspired Design Ideas

Ironically, the right mirror can make an expansive space seem smaller. This trick isn't so much about light and line, but about adding depth and warmth to a space as well as filling empty voids. 

Photo Courtesy of Proxima Ltd

The rich gold frames of these mirrors help darken up blank white space.

Mirrors provide truly endless possibilities. The effect a mirror has on a space will depend on its shape, frame, size & placement.

Here at The Bell we have lots of mirrors to choose from. Antique to rustic and everything in between! Our favorite mirror trick has nothing to do with its actual use, but rather an idea of re-purposing. If you aren't into the brassy gold framed mirrors that probably once adorned your homes via Home Interior parties, we have a simple solution - REPAINT THE FRAME!!! It is as simple as removing or covering the glass, picking up a fun color of spray paint and painting away. The best part about these mirrors is that the frames often have intricate details that don't really show up until you put on that fresh coat of paint!

Yep this once had a gold frame, and black is my current favorite finish!

 This is re-purposing at it's best. 
Plus I love this pic because you can see this mirror's own reflection!

Love, love, love this antique mirror.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Here's to a New Year!

The New Year will be bring more exciting changes to the store! We look forward to expanding our gift selection, and would love feedback from our customers about the things they would like to see in our store. Another great benefit of shopping locally is the ability to put things on layaway. We now have a 90 day policy for layaway and you can only put items on hold with a 10% deposit.

At this time we are focusing more on consigning antiques or offering booth rental, versus outright buying antiques from folks. We have many reasons for this, one being that when we sell your items on consignment you can make more money than with us outright buying them. Remember we have to buy below retail and we usually like to be at or below the 50% mark in order to still make money.

If you do consign with us there will be a few rule changes for new consignors. If you bring your items tagged and floor ready the commission will remain at 25%. If you would like for us to tag and price your items the commission will be raised to 30% - this takes time and uses our resources so the extra 5% is to help cover the costs of tagging your items. (This pertains to folks who have not previously discussed consignment with us)

Clothing items being sold on consignment will only be accepted on a limited basis. We only put out items as we have available space. We are also very picky about our clothing. Please no stains, tears, holes, etc. we will not put damaged items on the floor. The commission rates above apply to clothing as well.

Consider the benefits of consignment, it is a much better deal than a yard sale! Your items are on display indoors on a daily basis. No packing and unpacking or worrying about the weather. Usually you can expect to make a little more money than you would at a yard sale. Items in stores tend to sell at a higher price point. Please do remember that we are providing the space, the work, and often tags, hangers, etc. So that commission doesn't look so bad, right?

Though we would love to make friends with new folks who have antiques and vintage items that they would like to sell, we are not limiting ourselves to an antiques only relationship. We have found that folks like a bargain, and it is so true that one man's trash is another man's treasure. The key to our success is an ever changing offering of items! Want to clean that clutter out of your basement? Have an estate you are trying to liquidate? Does a yard sale sound like too much work?

P.S. We do provide a consignment contract if that makes you feel more comfortable leaving your items in our care.

We can offer an honest opinion on what sells, so don't be afraid to ask!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

It's a Small World

In today's world it isn't that hard to be connected with the rest of the world. But in the spirit of slowing things down and doing things small our store is looking to expand its year-round gift selection. For years I have said "you won't find that in Byrdstown" and me being the do-it-yourselfer that I am - I want to change that!

With that being said, we need you, our community to support our idea! Show us some love and check us out, give us feedback, let us know what you would like to see at arm's reach! First chance is Saturday at our Shop Small event!