Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Rusty Trusty Love

A few of our favorite rusty items:

Porcelain Casters - complete with hardware store bin

Take the entire lot home for $80 or just one caster for $1.50

 Igloo Water Cooler - $45

Set of 3 mini pulleys - $10
We have plenty of large pulleys too!

Ox yoke - $250

 Economy Motor Oil $45

 Railroad Spikes - 4 for $10

 Lard Press - Enterprise MFG Philadelphia USA 

Old Irons - $10 $7 $7 (respectively)
1/2 Gal Liquid US Standard Penn Serial No W12 Oil Can $18

 Bureau Premium Motor Oil $25
Alliance, Ohio

 Corn Grinder $45
Wood Folding Chair $24

 Sun Stove $100

 Scoop & Fork -  $15 & $10

Old Door Knob Sets $12

Monday, June 16, 2014

Wexford Glass

Wexford glass was one of the many creations by Anchor Hocking Glass. They began producing the glassware around 1967. Many of you will recall growing up with at least a piece of Wexford in your home- or as many like to say Mama or Grandma always used that!

These are pieces we currently have available in the store. Most items we do have multiples of, and we can always ship items for those that aren't local! Just email if interested in purchasing a piece from our collection or if you are looking for a specific piece (even if you don't see it here).

 Plate/Saucer with Scalloped Edge $3
 Divided Dish, 3 Part $8
 Divided Platter $16

 Lazy Susan $45

2 Tier Server $22
Snack Set $7.50
Candleholder Bowl with Scalloped Edge (Pair) $25
Large Footed Vase $16

Other items that are available:

Bowl, Centerpiece with Scalloped Edge $9
Bowl, Large with Scalloped Edge $22
Bowl, Small with Scalloped Edge $9
Canister Set (3pc) $25
Sherbet Cup $3

This is an incomplete listing at this time! We will be adding more soon!

Monday, May 26, 2014

George Shai of Ohio circa 1930's

We recently acquired several photos & portraits all of which come from the Ohio area. The first group we wish to share is of a George Shai. We would love to locate a relative who would wish to own these photos.

What we know about Mr. Shai from the photos:
  • June 24, 1928 on a street in Kenmore OH & also in a baseball uniform
  • Aug 11, 1928 he visited Niagra Falls
  • Dec 25, 1928 in an ROTC uniform
  • May 29, 1929 participating in ROTC event at Ohio State University
  • Sept 6, 1931 pictures with 3 children - Joe & Paul were the names I could make out
  • July 1932 played on a baseball team called the Sterling Oils
  • 1932 graduated from OSU
  • July 1950 pictured at the Athens Fairgrounds with Frank & Victor Shai, Lula Gattrell, Grace Saver? & Esther Henthorn? 
Please contact