Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Stepping Up the Game

 Many of our loyal friends and followers probably wonder why we have such limited hours. I'll share a few reasons:

From August to May I am a full time employee of Pickett County Schools. Year-round I am a mother to an energetic 4 year old, and there is a bun in the oven due very soon! I love spending time with my family, and I love going on picking adventures - and sometimes being at the store prevents me from doing that. We farm & we garden - so as you can see I'm a very busy little girl!!!

I have stressed myself all summer over what to do about the store. See this is a dream of mine, to have my own store - may sound silly to some, but ask my mother she's heard this tale for years. I've often been heard saying that if I only worked for fun, an antique/oddities store would be exactly what I would do. Lucky me, I met an awesome man and he helped bring that dream to a reality... except I'm still not working just for fun :)

It is to the point that one must step up or step out. I am choosing to be brave, take some risks, and step up to give Byrdstown something it needs. I love our little town, but I agree you just can't get everything here that you want or need. Perhaps my agenda is more want-based, but I hope to provide a shopping experience that our tourists can appreciate as well as our local folks. I want to give tourists a place to go when they aren't on the lake, and I want to give the locals a place to shop to help keep revenue in Pickett County. Shopping small & local is very important to me, and its very important to our community.

Therefore, I am making the decision to open up booth space @ the Bell. I hope the revenue from the booth space will help fund the employees that we plan to hire. Jobs, those are important to me as well!

I am actively seeking booth renters - it doesn't have to be just antiques. We are quite fond of local talent - so bring those handmade goodies on! And I think I have overwhelmed myself with potential employees so I hope to see us back at a Mon-Sat schedule!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Rusty Trusty Love

A few of our favorite rusty items:

Porcelain Casters - complete with hardware store bin

Take the entire lot home for $80 or just one caster for $1.50

 Igloo Water Cooler - $45

Set of 3 mini pulleys - $10
We have plenty of large pulleys too!

Ox yoke - $250

 Economy Motor Oil $45

 Railroad Spikes - 4 for $10

 Lard Press - Enterprise MFG Philadelphia USA 

Old Irons - $10 $7 $7 (respectively)
1/2 Gal Liquid US Standard Penn Serial No W12 Oil Can $18

 Bureau Premium Motor Oil $25
Alliance, Ohio

 Corn Grinder $45
Wood Folding Chair $24

 Sun Stove $100

 Scoop & Fork -  $15 & $10

Old Door Knob Sets $12

Monday, June 16, 2014

Wexford Glass

Wexford glass was one of the many creations by Anchor Hocking Glass. They began producing the glassware around 1967. Many of you will recall growing up with at least a piece of Wexford in your home- or as many like to say Mama or Grandma always used that!

These are pieces we currently have available in the store. Most items we do have multiples of, and we can always ship items for those that aren't local! Just email silverbellantiques@gmail.com if interested in purchasing a piece from our collection or if you are looking for a specific piece (even if you don't see it here).

 Plate/Saucer with Scalloped Edge $3
 Divided Dish, 3 Part $8
 Divided Platter $16

 Lazy Susan $45

2 Tier Server $22
Snack Set $7.50
Candleholder Bowl with Scalloped Edge (Pair) $25
Large Footed Vase $16

Other items that are available:

Bowl, Centerpiece with Scalloped Edge $9
Bowl, Large with Scalloped Edge $22
Bowl, Small with Scalloped Edge $9
Canister Set (3pc) $25
Sherbet Cup $3

This is an incomplete listing at this time! We will be adding more soon!