Tuesday, August 5, 2014

127 Yard Sale

Just a reminder that even though we are located on Highway 111 we are only 5 miles from 127 when traveling between Albany, KY & Jamestown, TN!!!

If you are passing through Byrdstown on your way to the 127 Yard Sale - you will be driving right by! We will be open Wednesday, Friday & Saturday!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Stepping Up the Game

 Many of our loyal friends and followers probably wonder why we have such limited hours. I'll share a few reasons:

From August to May I am a full time employee of Pickett County Schools. Year-round I am a mother to an energetic 4 year old, and there is a bun in the oven due very soon! I love spending time with my family, and I love going on picking adventures - and sometimes being at the store prevents me from doing that. We farm & we garden - so as you can see I'm a very busy little girl!!!

I have stressed myself all summer over what to do about the store. See this is a dream of mine, to have my own store - may sound silly to some, but ask my mother she's heard this tale for years. I've often been heard saying that if I only worked for fun, an antique/oddities store would be exactly what I would do. Lucky me, I met an awesome man and he helped bring that dream to a reality... except I'm still not working just for fun :)

It is to the point that one must step up or step out. I am choosing to be brave, take some risks, and step up to give Byrdstown something it needs. I love our little town, but I agree you just can't get everything here that you want or need. Perhaps my agenda is more want-based, but I hope to provide a shopping experience that our tourists can appreciate as well as our local folks. I want to give tourists a place to go when they aren't on the lake, and I want to give the locals a place to shop to help keep revenue in Pickett County. Shopping small & local is very important to me, and its very important to our community.

Therefore, I am making the decision to open up booth space @ the Bell. I hope the revenue from the booth space will help fund the employees that we plan to hire. Jobs, those are important to me as well!

I am actively seeking booth renters - it doesn't have to be just antiques. We are quite fond of local talent - so bring those handmade goodies on! And I think I have overwhelmed myself with potential employees so I hope to see us back at a Mon-Sat schedule!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Rusty Trusty Love

A few of our favorite rusty items:

Porcelain Casters - complete with hardware store bin

Take the entire lot home for $80 or just one caster for $1.50

 Igloo Water Cooler - $45

Set of 3 mini pulleys - $10
We have plenty of large pulleys too!

Ox yoke - $250

 Economy Motor Oil $45

 Railroad Spikes - 4 for $10

 Lard Press - Enterprise MFG Philadelphia USA 

Old Irons - $10 $7 $7 (respectively)
1/2 Gal Liquid US Standard Penn Serial No W12 Oil Can $18

 Bureau Premium Motor Oil $25
Alliance, Ohio

 Corn Grinder $45
Wood Folding Chair $24

 Sun Stove $100

 Scoop & Fork -  $15 & $10

Old Door Knob Sets $12